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Published October 17, 2019

How do you start the process of finding a buying a new vehicle? A lot of people like to offer up their opinions and ideas for what you should do. Most times, itís too much information all at once. Thatís why we like to offer a straightforward solution. This solution has professional help to help you choose from hundreds of cars, and will give you a secure feeling. The answer is coming to the leading Ford Kentucky dealership. We are Dutchís Chevy Ford in Mount Sterling, KY, and we have everything you need for your car search. Secure feelings come from the fact that our staff cares about the people of this community. Our sales team, technicians, and finance officers are willing to help people, not only have the goal of selling cars. We will also be here for years after your purchase to help you keep your vehicle in excellent condition. Each time you bring your Ford into a Ford Kentucky dealer, you are getting the best care for that vehicle. Our team is highly trained for each Ford model and many more. So now you know, we will do more than help you find cars for sale in Winchester, KY. We would love to take this time to tell you about one of our excellent certified used cars for sale.

Cars for Sale in Winchester, KY

The Ford Explorer is an excellent vehicle to showcase the high level of care we practice for our certified vehicles. This car has low mileage and all the modern features youíll ever need. This car is proof that you donít have to buy a brand new vehicle to get everything you want. It has a navigation system and backup camera, so you always know where you are going. The moonroof will keep you comfortable during these warm autumn days. The leather seats are going to make road trips easy breezy. Each seat can be wiped down to stay clean and smelling fresh. It is helpful when you need to clean up after younger children. Imagine what would make holiday traveling so easy. The steering wheel is also a heated leather, so your hands wonít freeze in the middle of winter on your way to work. This is only one of the cars for sale in Winchester, KY, on our lot. To give a vehicle the Ford certified pre-owned title, we go through a thorough inspection and background check. We do this to ensure that we can be honest about everything the car has been through. Making sure that the vehicle is a safe and reliable option is vital for our company. This is why we have customers that travel for miles to be with us. We have promised that we will take care of our customers and that means for the smallest of tasks, like an oil change. Out of the car dealerships in Winchester, KY, we have stood above the rest with our quality of customer service. When you need excellent service and high-quality used cars Kentucky, we can be your first and only stop. You can feel free to stop in or call our Ford Kentucky office to schedule an appointment that fits your schedule.

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